Kidney Function Test

The kidneys are an essential organ of our bodies since they aid in the elimination of all waste products. However, given the way we live and the food we consume today, developing kidney disease is not surprising. In addition, one out of every three persons is at risk of developing kidney disease. An incorrectly functioning kidney can be caused by a number of factors, many of which are easily treatable if detected early. It might be difficult to tell if your kidney is working well just by being at home. This is where the, Kidney Function Tests, come into play. The tests determine whether or not you have a healthy kidney. Oxfordpathlab have best kidney function test in Noida and honestly committed to assisting you in understanding kidney function tests and why they are necessary. The test examines the at your Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and Serum Creatinine levels. Increased BUN and creatinine levels suggest renal issues. Albumin analysis. An rise in Albumin in your kidney function test  indicates a damaged kidney. Both sodium and potassium levels will also be checked. Aside from that, the package includes an estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate. It is a measurement of how quickly your body eliminates excess and waste. The test also contains a chloride test, the presence of which suggests a damaged kidney. You can make your test at our centre or at your home. After the sample is submitted, the test might take up to 8 -10 hours. So, if you send a sample to a pathology lab near you in the morning, you should have the findings by the evening. It can be received in both digital copies as well as hard copies. Oxfordpatho lab offers a reasonably priced selection of kidney function test packages.  It covers every major part of the test. Furthermore, you can take the test at your convenience.So, Dont compromise with your health ,book your kidney function test with  Oxfordpathlab have best kidney function test in Noida and live the life in wellness.