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Liver Function Tests

Liver function test is very crucial for liver problems since the liver might suffer from the effects of our lifestyle. The best approach to evaluating the health of your liver is through a liver function test at Oxford path lab have best liver function test in Noida. As the liver is essential to the proper functioning of the human body. A healthy liver aids digestion by removing toxins and other pollutants from the body, regulating blood coagulation, removing bacteria from the blood, and maintaining hormone balance. To have a healthy liver is vital for overall health. When a person exhibits symptoms of hepatitis or other infections, such as liver disease. A function test may be necessary, when it shows symptoms such as weakness or fatigue, lack of appetite, and others. Nausea, puking, a swollen stomach, especially in the upper right quadrant, stomach ache Jaundice Dark urine, pale stool, and pruritus (itching) A set of blood tests called liver function test (LFTs) can help you evaluate the health of your liver, and they are very much required. Take a liver function test. If you have a diagnosis of hepatitis or have been exposed to hepatitis viruses, If you drink alcohol and it has harmed your liver tissue If any of your ancestors experienced liver illness, If you have used any medications or recreational drugs that might harm your liver. They help in the detection of inflammation or other liver damage by monitoring the quantities of proteins or enzymes in your blood. In Alanine Transaminase (ALT) Test, It is used to determine the body's ALT levels. High ALT levels in the body indicate liver disease. In albumin test determines how well the liver is working by evaluating the quantities of albumin in the body. Low albumin levels suggest that your liver is not working correctly. In bilirubin testing, the bilirubin test measures bilirubin levels, which aids in determining the condition of your liver.  One may have regular Liver Function Test to ascertain of liver treatments. Oxford path lab have best liver function test in Noida So, Take the test, now. You still have time to look for your health.